British Journal of Entomology and natural History : n° 10 (1997)

Sommaire à partir des références de la base

Joint meeting with Evreux Entomological Society, 31 May - 2 June 1996
Goater (Barry) et Agassiz (David J. L.) - page(s) 45-47

A variation of Plebicula escheri Hübn., collected in Meysomme, Dordogne
Crow (Melvin) - page(s) 161

Aberration of Hadena bicruris Hufn. from Vendée
Hall (Norman M.) - page(s) 162

Coleophoridae found at Saint-Adrien, Seine-Maritime
Langmaid (John R.c.) - page(s) 163

Butterflies from Corsica and southern France
Luckens (Christopher John) - page(s) 163