Systematic Entomology : n° 42 (2016)

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Further progress on the phylogeny of Noctuoidea (Insecta: Lepidoptera) using an expanded gene sample
Régier (Jérôme C.), Mitter (Charles), Mitter (Kim T.), Cummings (Michael P.), Bazinet (Adam L.), Hallwachs (W.), Janzen (D. H.) et Zwick (Andreas) - page(s) 82-93

Cryptic diversity in the long‐horn moth Nemophora degeerella (Lepidoptera: Adelidae) revealed by morphology, DNA barcodes and genome‐wide ddRAD‐seq data
Kozlov (Mikhail V.), Mutanen (Marko), Min Lee (Kyung) et Huemer (Peter) - page(s) 329-346