Résultats pour British Journal of Entomology and natural History (52)

Auteur(s) Année Titre Volume
Hall (N. M.)1989Macrolepidoptera taken in France and Spain in 1988 (Aude, Cantal, Ardèche, Charente-Maritime, Gard, Aveyron) 2 (1)
Wiltshire (E. P.)1989Maculinea rebeli dans l'Ain 2 (1)
Greatorex-Davies (J. N.) et Westwood (N. J.)1988Butterflies in the central Pyrénées 1 (1)
Ezard (A. S.)2000Foreign Lepidoptera - Lepidoptera from France (1) from Roussergues, Tarn (2) from Avrilly, Allier 13 (3)
Hollingworth (T.)1990Lepidoptera collected of southern France, Atlantic coast and foothills of Pyrénées 3 (2)
Edwards (P. J.)2000Foreign Lepidoptera - Two small collections of Moths from France near Saumur, Maine-et-Loire 13 (3)
Waite (P.)1996Aberration of Plebicula dorylas from Hautes-Alpes 9 (4)
Langmaid (J. R.C.)1998Coleophoridae found at Saint-Adrien, Seine-Maritime 10 (3)
Edmunds (H.)1993Foreign Lepidoptera - Pyrenean Insects 6 (2)
Luckens (Chr. J.)1994Butterflies collected in the Cevennes, Hautes-Pyrénées and Drôme 7 (4)
Luckens (Chr. J.)1998Butterflies from Corsica and southern France 10 (3)
Hall (N. M.)1994Moths taken in France in July, 1993, from Col de Vars, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 7 (4)
Hollingworth (T.)1988Selection of Lepidoptera from Lège, Cap Ferret, South West France 1 (1)
Hall (N. M.)1999Moths from France (Vendée et Landes) 12 (3)
Simmons (M. J.)1993Insects, mostly Lepidoptera, taken in Andorra between 20.VII. and 2.VIII.1992 6 (2)
Hall (N. M.)1998Aberration of Hadena bicruris Hufn. from Vendée 10 (3)
Plant (C. W. M.)2008Foreign Lepidoptera - Confusing Characters 21
Clifton (J.)2008Foreign Lepidoptera - Some Moths from France and Italy, autumn 2007 21
Spalding (A.)1989Some moths of the reserve Michel-Hervé Julien, Cap Sizun, Brittany 2 (4)
Lees (E.)1992Butterflies seen during a visit to Les Eyzies 5 (2)
Hall (N. M.)1990Some interesting species recently bred from France and Spain (Gard, Pyrénées-Orientales) 3 (2)
Elston (H. J.)1994[Two drawers of Butterflies taken during a ten-day visit to the Alpes-Maritimes in France during the period 12-23.VI.1993] 7 (4)
Martin (G.)2000Foreign Lepidoptera - Lepidoptera taken in Morbihan 13 (3)
Crow (M.)1998A variation of Plebicula escheri Hübn., collected in Meysomme, Dordogne 10 (3)
Hall (N. M.)1996Clostera anastomosis caught at light in the Marais de Chautagne, Savoie 9 (4)
Reid (J.)1998Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 discovered in France 11
Winter (P. Q.)1996Macrolepidoptera near Nevers 9 (4)
Hollingworth (T.)2004Status of Paysandisia archon (Burmeister) (Lepidoptera: Castniidae) in southern Europe 17 (1)
Hall (N. M.)1992Moths caught in France and Spain in April and July 1991 (Savoie, Charente-Maritime, Alpes-Maritimes, Yonne) 5 (2)
Howarth (T. G.)2004Variation in Euphydryas cynthia (D. & S.) in the Alpes-Maritimes, Southern France 17 (2)
Goater (B.) et Agassiz (D. J. L.)1997Joint meeting with Evreux Entomological Society, 31 May - 2 June 1996 10 (1)
Pringle (G.)1988Erebia sudetica lioranus de Lesse (Cantal) 1 (1)
Goater (B.)1989Some interesting Noctuidae from Western Europe 2 (1)
Elston (H. J.)1998[Mellicta athalia Rott., taken near Gréolières, Alpes-Maritimes] 11 (2)
Feltwell (J.)1996A hazard to Moths on the Lozère Massif 9 (2)
Martin (G.), Armitage (M.) et Baillod (F.)1998Moths from Tanneron, Alpes-Maritimes 11 (2)
Hall (N. M.)1988Some Lepidoptera on the British list collected in France and Spain (Loire-Atlantique, Vendée, Landes) 1 (1)
Ezard (A. S.)2001Foreign Lepidoptera - Lepidoptera from Julienrupt, Vosges mountains, France 14 (3)
Hollingworth (T.)1993Some interesting and sometimes unsual French and Spanish Heterocera 6 (2)
Feltwell (J.)1989Gypsies attack forest - or is it acid rain ? 2 (2)
Harman (T. W.)1990A selection of Lepidoptera taken near Les Eyzies 3 (2)
Clifton (J.)2007Foreign Lepidoptera - Some European Ennominae from France (Lot) 20 (3)
Hall (N. M.)1990A selection of other interesting species taken in France during 1989 (Lot, Languedoc-Roussillon, Loir-et-Cher, Ardèche, Cher, Loire-Atlantique) 3 (2)
Hall (N. M.)1995Heterocera from France and Spain (Ardèche, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Hérault) 8 (4)
Hall (N. M.)1994Moths from France and Spain (Gard, Ardèche) 7 (4)
Hall (N. M.)1991Moths in the British list collected abroad (Hérault, Charente-Maritime, Yonne) 4 (1)
Goater (B.)1990A drawer of Crambinae from Britain, France and the Iberian Peninsula 3 (2)
Feltwell (J.) et Ducros (P.)1989Sphingidae of the Cévennes 2 (2)
Feltwell (J.)2008An outbreak of Libythea celtis Laicharting (Lepidoptera : Libytheidae) in the Basses-Cévennes, France 21 (2)
Reed (J. C.)1998Cacyreus marshalli Butler, 1898 discovered in France 11 (2)
Hall (N. M.)1991Moths from South East France 1990 (Savoie, Hautes-Alpes, Gard, Alpes-Maritimes, Drôme) 4 (1)
Hall (N. M.)1996Moths from France and Switzerland (Meuse, Ain, Savoie, Doubs, Gard, Haute-Savoie) 9 (4)