Résultats pour Doorenweerd Camiel (7)

Auteur(s) Année Titre Publication Volume
Cupedo (F.), Doorenweerd (C.)2022Mitochondrial DNA-based phylogeography of the large ringlet Erebia euryale (Esper, 1805) suggests recurrent Alpine-Carpathian disjunctions during Pleistocene (Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) Nota Lepidopterologica 45
Lopez Vaamonde (C.), Kirichenko (N.), Cama (A.), et a.2021Evaluating DNA Barcoding for Species Identification and Discovery in European Gracillariid Moths Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9
Cupedo (F.), Doorenweerd (C.)2020The intraspecific structure of the Yellow-spotted ringlet Erebia manto (Denis & Schiffermüller, [1775]), with special reference to the bubastis group: an integration of morphology, allozyme and mtDNA data (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) Nota Lepidopterologica 43
Nieukerken (E. J. van), Lees (D.), Doorenweerd (C.), et a.2018Two European Cornus L. feeding leafmining moths, Antispila petryi Martini, 1899, sp. rev. and A. treitschkiella (Fischer von Röslerstamm, 1843) (Lepidoptera, Heliozelidae): an unjustified synonymy and overlooked range expansion Nota Lepidopterologica 41 (1)
Milla (L.), Nieukerken (E. J. van), Vijverberg (R.), et a.2018A preliminary molecular phylogeny of shield-bearer moths (Lepidoptera: Adeloidea: Heliozelidae) highlights rich undescribed diversity Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 120
Nieukerken (E. J. van), Doorenweerd (C.), Hoare (R.), Davis (D. R.)2016Revised classification and catalogue of global Nepticulidae and Opostegidae (Lepidoptera, Nepticuloidea) ZooKeys 628
Nieukerken (E. J. van), Mutanen (M.), Doorenweerd (C.)2012DNA barcoding resolves species complexes in Stigmella salicis and S. aurella species groups and shows additional cryptic speciation in S. salicis (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae) Entomologisk Tidskrift 132 (4)