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Pterophoridae. In : Huemer (Huemer), Karsholt (Ole) and Lyneborg (Leif)

Auteur : Gielis (Cees)

Année de publication : 1996
Publication : Microlepidoptera Of Europe
Volume : Volume I
Pagination : 1-222
ISBN : 978-87-88-75736-1

Résumé :

This first volume of Microlepidoptera of Europe deals with the Pterophoridae of Europe (excluding the former Soviet Union) and the Canary Islands and Madeira. All species occurring in this area are included and most of them illustrated in full colour. All species are briefly redescribed mentioning the main characteristic features of the imagines, and the genital structures. A description of the life cycle is given, and also a note on the distribution. A distribution catalogue has been constructed. It is based on own collection data and verified references. The male and female genitalia are illustrated with line drawings. A checklist of hostplants is given.