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Tineidae I (Dryadaulinae, Hapsiferinae, Euplocaminae, Scardiinae, Nemapogoninae and Meessiinae). In : Nuss (Mathias), Karsholt (Ole) & Huemer (Peter) (editeurs)

Auteur : Gaedike (Reinhard)

Année de publication : 2015
Publication : Microlepidoptera Of Europe
Volume : Volume 7
Pagination : I-XXVII + 1-308
ISBN : 978-90-04-25641-5

Résumé :

This first volume of Tineid Moths from Europe treats 180 species of the subfamilies Dryadaulinae, Hapsiferinae, Euplocaminae, Scardiinae, Nemapogoninae and Meessiinae. For each species a diagnosis, colour photos of the moths and line drawings of male and female genitalia are given for identification. Information is added on the life history and distribution of the species. The distribution data are summarised in a table showing the records for each European country. Seven scientific names are synonymised and one species is transferred to another genus.