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Xyleninae I. The Agrochola generic complex

Auteurs : Ronkay (Laszlo), Ronkay (Gábor), Gyulai (Péter) et Varga (Zoltan)

Année de publication : 2017
Publication : A Taxonomic Atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea. The Witt Catalogue
Volume : Volume 9
Pagination : 342 p.
ISBN : 978-615-5279-06-5

Résumé :

The 9th volume of the Taxonomic Atlas series is the first item dealing with the subfamily Xyleninae. It contains the revision of the Agrochola-Telorta-Hyalobole generic complex, proposing a generally new generic system for this taxonomically difficult Holarctic clade. This new system overwrites the traditional system of both the European and the Pacific fauna establishing 6 new genera, 10 new subgenera and almost 90 new combinations. The volume contains 117 text pages with full synonymy and effective diagnoses of 129 taxa included, with the description of 2 new species and 3 new subspecies in this popular and for a long time intensively studied group. The book counts altogether 342 pages with 33 colour plates of high quality magnified photos displaying all taxa included and with 19 colour plates showing the variation of each taxon in natural size. The genitalia of all species and subspecies are figured on 129 black and white plates.