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Plusiinae I

Auteurs : Ronkay (Laszlo), Ronkay (Gábor) et Behounek (Gottfried)

Année de publication : 2008
Publication : A Taxonomic Atlas of the Eurasian and North African Noctuoidea. The Witt Catalogue
Volume : Volume I
Pagination : 342 p.
ISBN : 978-963-88014-0-1

Résumé :

The first volume of the Catalogue provides a revised taxonomic content of the Eurasian and North African Plusiinae genera Erythroplusia Ichinose, 1962, Macdunnoughia Kostrowicki, 1961, Sclerogenia Ichinose, 1973, Antoculeora Ichinose, 1973, Diachrysia (Hübner, [1821]), Euchalcia (Hübner, [1821]), Desertoplusia Klyuchko, 1984, Platoplusia Ronkay, Ronkay & Behounek gen. n., Polychrysia (Hübner, [1821]), Panchrysia (Hübner, [1821]), Lamprotes Reichenbach, 1817, Plusidia Butler, 1879, Chlorochrysia Ronkay, Ronkay & Behounek gen. n., Autographa (Hübner, [1821]), Megalographa Lafontaine & Poole, 1991, Cornutiplusia Kostrowicki, 1961, Syngrapha (Hübner, [1821]) and Plusia Ochsenheimer, 1816. Plusiinae I. contains 116 text pages with the latest taxonomic information, full synonymy and effective diagnoses of all known Palaearctic and Oriental taxa of the above-mentioned genera. There are 2 new genera, 7 new species and 3 new subspecies described in the book. The volume is illustrated with 38 colour plates of high quality magnified photos displaying all taxa included and with 12 colour plates showing the variation of each taxon in natural size . The genitalia of all species and subspecies are shown in 150 black and white plates . The whole book counts altogether 348 pages