Détail de la référence

Répartition géographique de Limenitis reducta Stgr. en Europe occidentale (Lepidoptera Nymphalidae). Deuxième note

Auteur : Leestmans (Ronny)

Année de publication : 1978
Publication : Linneana Belgica
Volume : 7
Fascicule : 6
Pagination : 178-183

Résumé :

Since the publication of the 1st report it was noted that the species was recorded from Luxembourg [Belgium], that it was known from Lorraine for more than a century, that it was captured in the Vosges and near Nancy, but that it is now rare in the forest of Germaine, Marne. Two specimens were caught in June, 1976 in the forest of Courtagnon, near Reims and in July, 1976 in Yonne. It was also seen in the forests around Paris and in the Seine valley, where it appears to have spread since 1949. Distribution shows that its southern limit is in France and it can be followed from Normandy through the forests around Paris, through the Reims highlands, the region of Verdun, Metz and Nancy. It is difficult to establish its western limits. There is little agreement between various presentations of its distribution in Brittany, southwest France and the Iberian peninsula. In Germany it is very local and is recorded from the Ahr and Moselle Valleys, at Badberg in Kaiserstuhl, in Pfalz and in Alsace and Wuerttenberg