Détail de la référence

Pyrausta cingulata (Linnaeus) and some remarks on its relative Pyrausta rectefascialis Toll

Auteur : Lempke (Barend Jan)

Année de publication : 1979
Publication : Entomologische Berichten
Volume : 39
Fascicule : 5
Pagination : 72-76

Résumé :

A doubtful specimen of P. cingulata was compared with P. rectefascialis. The differences between the 2 spp. in the shape of the white central band as stated by Toll are reliable. Differences in the male genitalia are slight, although the size of the harpe is a good characteristic: smaller in P. cingulata and larger in P. rectefascialis. In a single female belonging to P. cingulata a signum with the true shape of that species was observed. The signum is distinctly narrower in another female which is attributed with doubt to P. rectefascialis because of the aberrant band in the hind wing. In the Netherlands only P. cingulata is known, but is probably extinct, as the last capture dates from 1911. A male of P. rectefascialis was caught at Les Mees (Sarthe, France). The species is probably new to the fauna of this country. All specimens' genitalia were examined