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Relative importance of habitat and landscape scales on Butterfly communities of urbanizing areas

Auteurs : Lizee (Marie-Hélène), Deschamps-Cottin (Magali), Mauffrey (Jean-François), Bertaudiere-Montes (Valérie), Tatoni (Thierry) et Bonardo (Remi)

Année de publication : 2011
Publication : Comptes Rendus Biologies
Volume : 334
Fascicule : 1
Pagination : 74-84

Résumé :

Agricultural decline and urbanization entail rapid alterations of the patterns of organization of rural landscapes in Europe. The spread of the urban footprint to the adjacent countryside contributes to the development of new anthropogenic ecosystems in formerly rural hinterlands. In this study, butterflies are considered as biological indicators of these rapid environmental changes. Our purpose is to better understand changes in biodiversity related to the evolution of available habitats in a mutating landscape. In this study, we investigate butterfly communities of four land-use types (fallow lands, gardens, vineyards, woodlands) within different landscape contexts. Our results reveal that variations in structure and functional composition of these communities are related to different levels of human disturbance at both landscape scale and habitat scale