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Observations sur le Lépidoptère souterrain Pyrois effusa Boisduval, 1829 (Noctuidae) et sa biologie sexuelle

Auteur : Lopez-Moncet (André)

Année de publication : 1997
Publication : Mémoires de Biospéologie
Volume : 24
Fascicule : 51
Pagination : 71-76

Résumé :

Pyrois effusa is a Noctuid lepidoptera, yet reported from mediterranean caves: Southern France, Mallorca, Northern Africa. We found this moth in the western part of Herault department where it inhabits the Avant-Monts mines and caves (Montagne Noire range, near Beziers-St-Pons). Unlike the other Noctuidae (Apopestes spectrum, Scoliopteryx libatrix, Mormo maura) and Triphosa dubitata (Geometridae), limited to intermediate zones, Pyrois effusa seeks selectively the dark deep zone where it mates from June and appears to be the most specialized of subtroglophilic Lepidoptera in the parietal association. Observations facilited by moth marking where carried out from May to December, during 2 years, in Marcory-Copujol mine. Their mating is prolonged until October. Lethargic partners move scarcely on the wall are separated in November; females dwell nearer the entrance and are found no more in the cavity at the and of the year. A histologic study shows that the ditrysian female genitalia include a large bursa copulatrix and male genitalia, an unpaired annex gland. The insertion of spermatophore and sperm migration occur only in October when the ovarian maturation is achieved, probably under the influence of subterranean milieu