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Phénologie et répartition par types d'habitats des Rhopalocères d'Île-de-France (Lepidoptera : Rhopalocera). Exploittation des données du STERF (2005-2008)

Auteurs : Manil (Luc), Julliard (Romain) et Lerch (Alexandre)

Année de publication : 2008
Publication : Lépidoptères. Revue de l'Association des Lépidoptéristes de France
Volume : 17
Fascicule : 41
Pagination : 95-109

Résumé :

The STERF data (French Butterfly Monitoring Scheme) collected between 2005 and 2008 in Ile-de-France (the region around Paris, France) were used to analyse the flight periods (phenology) and the habitat of 20 out of the most common butterfly species of this region. On 66 sites (34 random and 32 chosen), more than 3200 transects, totalising 79 spp. and counting of more than 38000 butterflies were followed up. Distribution by habitats shows that calcareous grasslands, frequently surrounded by coniferous (pine) trees are the richest habitat, and that other open fields are faintly richer than sub-urban areas and deciduous forests. This study also compares the penetration of butterfly species within the suburban areas. Phenology graphs allow in a large number of cases to compare the number of broods of each species in this region as well as the inter-annual variations of the times of emergence and their relative abundance