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Une nouvelle espèce pour la France, Paysandisia archon (Burmeister, 1879), un ravageur de Palmiers (Castniidae)

Auteur : Mérit (Xavier)

Année de publication : 2002
Publication : Bulletin des Lépidoptéristes parisiens et d'Île-de-France
Volume : 11
Fascicule : 22
Pagination : 41-43

Résumé :

Paysandisia archon Burmeister origina-tes from South-America, mainly Argentina and Uruguay. It has been discovered in France near Hyères (F-83), during the summer 2001. Numerous dead palm trees were observed in several nurseries. Adult butterflies were obser-ved on the wing near Hyères and Nice (F-06). In Spain, P. archon has been found on Trachy-carpus fortunei, Phoenix canariensis and Cha-maerops humilis in one nursery in Girona, (Cataluña) in 2000/2001. In Italy, it has been observed near San Remo, also in nurseries. It is felt that the insect has been introduced 4 years ago by various importers on Butia yatay and Trithrinax campestris from Argentina.Larvae bore galleries within palm stipes, leading to serious damage, often leading to plant death. Females have been observed laying eggs on palm stipe near the growing point. Young larvae bore into the stipe and bore large galleries. Pupation takes place insi-de a cocoon made of plant fibres between palm petioles.Adults are beautiful butterflies, with a wingspan of 10 to 11 cm. Posterior wings are reddish with black and white maculas. They are crepuscular. It is probable that this species has a biannual life cycle, but more data are needed to fully understand the biology of this insect.