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The Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui L.) migration of 2009 as recorded by the Irish Butterfly Monitoring Scheme and an investigation into the origin of the migration

Auteurs : Regan (Eugenie C.) et Gleeson (Emily)

Année de publication : 2013
Publication : Irish Naturalists' Journal
Volume : 32
Fascicule : 2
Pagination : 108-113

Résumé :

The Painted Lady is a migratory butterfly that arrives in Ireland each year but cannot survive Irish winters. It is not known with certainly whether the Irish populations originate from North Africa (where they can survive during winter) or from a Europe-born generation. This paper describes the Painted Lady migration of 2009 highlighting the large arrival at the end of May. It appears that only a small proportion of these butterflies successfilly reproduced that summer. Records from the May migration were used in 24 hour back-trajectory analyses to investigate the origin of this migration. These analyses showed that the buttelfiles probably travelled through France, England and/or Wales, before arriving in Ireland