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La colonisation des cônes et galbules des Genévriers méditerranéens par les Insectes et Acariens et son influence sur les possibilités de régénération naturelle de ces essences

Auteurs : Roques (Alain), Goussard (Francis) et Raimbault (Jean-Pierre [Dit Fabien])

Année de publication : 1984
Publication : Ecologia mediterranea
Volume : 10
Fascicule : 1-2
Pagination : 147-169

Résumé :

Pests of the female reproductive forms of Mediterranean juniper seem to be confined to Cupressacea and in majority strictly to genus Juniperus. The fauna appears to be climate-linked. J. oxycedrus L. and J. phoenicea L., characteristic of the mediterranean vegetation, present in their whole french distribution area the same fauna, very different from J. thurifera L. species distributed in the supra Mediterranean level. High attack rates of berries are frequently observed for the 3 spp., with some differences between continental and Corsican stands. But the low number of seed pests and the number of sound seeds/berry limits [excepted for J. thurifera L.] the reduction of the regeneration possibilities of natural juniper stands by insect or mite action