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Contribution to the biology, ecology and taxonomy of Polyommatus (Lysandra) coridon nufrellensis (Schurian, 1977) (Lepidoptera : Lycaenidae), Part II : an experimenta l hybridisation of P. (L.) c. gennargenti x P. (L.) c. nufrellensis

Auteurs : Schurian (Klaus G.), Diringer (Yvan), Westenberger (Alfred) et Wiemers (Martin)

Année de publication : 2011
Publication : Nachrichten des entomologischen Vereins Apollo
Volume : (N. F.), 31
Fascicule : 4
Pagination : 177-186

Résumé :

Polyommatus coridon (PODA, 1761) is represented by endemic subspecies on/ the Mediterranean islands of Corsica (nufrellensis SCHURIAN, 1977) and/ Sardinia (gennargenti LEIGHEB, 1987). The latter taxon is considered a/ separate species by some authors, but evidence for reproductive/ isolation is lacking. In order to check for isolating mechanisms we/ carried out hybridisation experiments. Source material for these/ experiments were 99 which had been caught for oviposition in 2007. We/ achieved synchronous hatching and development of larvae by keeping them/ under long-day conditions and high temperatures. With the help of the/ "semi-artificial method" we obtained 6 matings between [female][female]/ of P. c. nufrellensis and [female][female] of P. c. gennargenti, whereas/ the reciprocal copulation was only achieved once. 4 of the/ [female][female] laid 155 eggs altogether, of which 79% proved fertile./ Resulting caterpillars were reared under the above-mentioned laboratory/ conditions using Hippocrepis comosa, and from mid-November, after about/ 6 weeks, developed into adults of the F1 generation (18 [male][male], 22/ [female][female], 24 pupae died, 1 adult crippled). Almost all hybrids/ appear intermediate between the parents. We did not find evidence for/ reproductive isolation barriers because mortality rates of the hybrid/ breedings did not differ considerably from pure breedings.