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New faunistic records for a number of Microlepidoptera, including description of three new taxa from Agonoxenidae, Depressariidae, and Gelechiidae (Gelechioidea)

Auteurs : Sumpich (Jan) et Skyva (Jan)

Année de publication : 2012
Publication : Nota Lepidopterologica
Volume : 35
Fascicule : 2
Pagination : 161-179

Résumé :

Faunistic data for 48 species of Microlepidoptera from Europe are provided. A total of 35 records are new for certain European countries. Four species are recorded for the first time in Europe: Spiniphallellus desertus Bidzilya & Karsholt, 2008 (Gelechiidae), Hypsopygia almanalis (Rebel, 1917) (Pyralidae), Pyrausta tithonialis Zeller, 1872, and Mecyna lutulentalis (Lederer, 1858) (both Crambidae). Three new taxa are described: Agonopterix socerbi Sumpich, sp. n. (Depressariidae) from Slovenia, Chrysoclista abchasica gabretica Sumpich, ssp. n. (Agonoxenidae) from the Czech Republic, and Eulamprotes graecatella Sumpich & Skyva, sp. n. (Gelechiidae) from Greece. The previously unknown female of Megacraspedus albovenata Junnilainen, 2010 (Gelechiidae) is also described. Xenopathia novaki (Rebel, 1891) (Blastobasidae) is figured for the first time including genitalia of both sexes