Détail de la référence


Die geographisch-subspecifisdhe Gliederung von Colias alfacariensis Ribbe *) unter Berücksichtigung der Migrationsverhältnisse (Lepidoptera Pieridae)

Auteur : Reissinger (Eduard)

Année de publication : 1971
Publication : Atalanta. Zeitschrift der deutschen Forschungszentrale für Schmetterlingswanderungen
Volume : 3
Pagination : 145-176

Résumé :

In this comprehensive taxonomic study on Colias alfacariensis Ribbe, 1905, which has been started in 1971, all populations within the known distribution area of this species are dealt with. The basis of this review is the identification work done by the author within decades on large material, including those of all major european museums, as well as intensive field studies and biological observations. The latter have been partly published elsewhere. The main emphasis has been put on the phenetic comparison of alfacariensis with its "sibling species" Colias hyale (L). Concerning these two species only, more than 17 000 specimens have been recorded and determined. Additionally the closely related species Colias erate (Esper) has been included in these phenetic studies. Twelve new subspecies of alfacariensis and one of hyale are described as new. Two check-lists concerning hyale and erate are provided, including their important synonyms and type localities. Some new combinations are established. Of the two syntypes of naukratis Fruhstorfer, 1909 (in BMNH), the d has been assigned lectotype.