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On the taxonomy of the Thalpophila Hübner, 1820-Olivenebula Kishida and Yoshimoto 1977 generic complex (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Xyleninae)

Auteurs : Ronkay (Laszlo) et Ronkay (Gábor)

Année de publication : 2023
Publication : Biologia Futura
Pagination : 1-19

Résumé :

The supraspecifc taxa of the Thalpophila generic complex are revised, a new genus Dandirania gen. n. and two new subgenera, Confectania subgen. n. and Wallaceania subgen n. are described. The genus Chlorothalpa Beck,1996) and its subgenus Subthalpa Beck, 1996 are reinstated from synonymy with Olivenebula Kishida and Yoshimoto, 1977. The western Palaearctic (European) species associated with Olivenebula are transferred to Chlorothalpa (comb. rev.). A new Chlorothalpa (Subthalpa) species, C. vargazoli sp. n.; a new Olivenebula species, O. (O.) stanegomboci sp. n. and a new subspecies O. (O.) oberthueri thomasbaroni ssp. n.; and two species and a new subspecies of Dandirania, D. (W.) sramkogabori sp. n., D. (W.) alfredrussellwallacei sp. n. and D. (D.) opulenta schreieri ssp. n. are described. Chlorothalpa (C.) graslini (Culot, 1913), Dandirania (D.) opulenta (Butler, 1889) and D. (W.) largeteaui (Oberthür, 1881) are upgraded to species level (stat. rev.).