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 Eucosma subvittana (Staudinger 1892) stat. rev., a Mediterranean species resurrected by DNA barcodes and morphology (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)

Auteurs : Zlatkov (Boyan) et Huemer (Peter)

Année de publication : 2023
Publication : Zootaxa
Volume : 5361
Fascicule : 4
Pagination : 451-462

Résumé :

Eucosma subvittana is resurrected from synonymy with E. cana (Haworth, 1811) and redescribed from extensive material collected in Greece (Crete) and Tunisia. It is distinguished from the similar E. cana by constant differences in wing pattern and the female genitalia, whereas the male genitalia are inseparable. A lectotype of E. subvittana is designated in order to fix the identity of this species. Adults and genitalia of both species are figured extensively. Furthermore, the DNA barcodes (cytochrome c-oxidase subunit 1) of both species are clearly divergent. In comparison, several cryptic taxa of related species-groups are genetically inseparable.