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On the taxonomic status of Cephimallota angusticostella (Zeller) and C. crassiflavella Bruand (Tineidae)

Auteurs : Gaedike (Reinhard) et Mally (Richard)

Année de publication : 2011
Publication : Nota Lepidopterologica
Volume : 34
Fascicule : 2
Pagination : 115-130

Résumé :

Cephimallota angusticostella (Zeller, 1839) and C. crassifl avella Bruand, 1851 are two Palaearctic Tineidae species which have been recognised as well differentiated taxa. The observation of variability in the male saccus caused doubt about the status of the two taxa and prompted us to initiate a detailed study of the male genital morphology. In this study we found a distinct variability in the shape of the saccus only in C. crassiflavella, and not in C. angusticostella. The differences in external and genital morphology are corroborated by molecular analyses (DNA barcoding). The morphological and molecular data are discussed in the context of the determined distribution of the two taxa.