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Integrative taxonomy reveals overlooked cryptic diversity in the conifer feeding Batrachedra pinicolella (Zeller, 1839) (Lepidoptera, Batrachedridae)

Auteurs : Berggren (Kai), Aarvik (Leif), Huemer (Peter), Lee (Kyung Min) et Mutanen (Marko)

Année de publication : 2022
Publication : ZooKeys
Volume : 1085
Pagination : 165-182

Résumé :

During efforts to generate DNA barcodes for all European Lepidoptera, Batrachedra pinicolella (Zeller, 1839) was found to comprise two genetically distinct clusters. Morphological investigation and results from two nuclear markers and ddRAD sequencing furthermore support the existence of two distinct taxa which we treat as two separate species, B. pinicolella and B. confusella sp. nov. A lectotype for B. pinicolella is designated. Available data indicate that the biology of both species also differs, with Picea abies (L.) Karsten as a proved host-plant for B. pinicolella and Pinus sylvestris L. for B. confusella sp. nov. Both species are mainly distributed on the European continent with B. pinicolella occurring in boreal parts of North and Central Europe and introduced to Canada, reflecting a boreo-montane distribution pattern. Batrachedra confusella sp. nov. is more widely distributed in temperate Northern and Central Europe.