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A Phycita torrenti Agenjo, 1962 előfodulása Magyarországon. Occurrence of Phycita torrenti Agenjo, 1962 in Hungary (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae, Phycitinae)

Auteurs : Pastorális (Gábor) et Slamka (František)

Année de publication : 2015
Publication : Microlepidoptera.hu
Volume : 8
Pagination : 23-28

Résumé :

Phycita torrenti Agenjo, 1962, is added to the Lepidoptera Fauna of Hungary. The moths and their genitalia are illustrated. Biology, comparison with the similar species Phycita roborella and Phycita meliella, distribution in Hungary and the habitat are discussed. Phycita metzneri (Zeller, 1846) was erroneously identified in Hungary, therefore this species was deleted from the Checklist of Hungarian Microlepidoptera (see Pastorális 2012).