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Molecular Phylogeny of the Notodontidae: Subfamilies Inferred from 28S rRNA Sequences (Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Notodontidae)

Auteurs : Kobayashi (Hideki) et Nonaka (Masaru)

Année de publication : 2013
Publication : Tinea
Volume : 23
Fascicule : supplément 1
Pagination : 1-83

Résumé :

In order to reconstruct the subfamilies of Notodontidae, we have analyzed the nucleotide sequences of a part of the 28S ribosomal RNA gene. A total of 324 species in 141 genera of the Notodontidae, excluding Afrotropic species, were analyzed together with some out-group taxa. We have recognized ten subfamilies in it, i.e. Platychasmatinae, Scranciinae, Pygaerinae, Dudusinae, Thaumetopoeinae, Periergosinae, Heterocampinae, Spataliinae, Phalerinae and Notodontinae. We accept two other subfamilies not analyzed here, Dioptinae and Nystaleinae, which are restricted to the Neotropic and Nearctic. Thus the family Notodontidae has become to comprise twelve subfamilies, excluding the Afrotropic region. In the course of the present study, we have recognized some new taxa and revived genera according to their molecular monophylies with corroborative morphology.