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A revision of the Elachista regificella Sircom -complex (Lepidoptera: Elachistidae)

Auteurs : Kaila (Lauri), Bengtsson (Bengt Å.) et Sulcs (Ivars)

Année de publication : 2001
Publication : Entomologica Fennica
Volume : 12
Fascicule : 3
Pagination : 153-168

Résumé :

The Elachista regificella complex (Elachistidae) is revised and considered to consist of three closely related species: E. regificella Sircom, presently only recorded from Great Britain, E. geminatella (Herrich-Schäffer), stat. rev. (= E. nieukerkeni Traugott-Olsen, syn. nov.) and E. tengstromi nom. nov. (= E. magnificella Tengström, 1848, nec Duponchel, 1843). The latter two species are widely distributed e.g. in Central Europe, the range of E. tengstromi extending to Japan. The species are diagnosed and illustrated. Life history records indicate that the species have, at least to some extent, different host plant preferences: Luzula sylvatica is recorded as the host plant of E. regificella and E. geminatella, of which the latter probably exploits other host plants as well. L. pilosa is the only known host plant of E. tengstromi in Europe, with further host plants recorded in Japan. Neotypes are designated for Elachista regificella Sircom and Poeciloptilia geminatella Herrich-Schäffer.