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Coleophora eupepla (Gozmány, 1954), a valid species (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae)

Auteurs : Baldizzone (Giorgio) et Tabell (Jukka)

Année de publication : 2005
Publication : Shilap, Revista de la Sociedad hispano-luso-americana de Lepidopterología
Volume : 33
Fascicule : 131
Pagination : 341-346

Résumé :

Coleophora eupepla (Gozmány, 1954), previously synonymised with C. hospitiella Chrétien, 1915, is considered to be a valid species. Diagnostic features in outer appearance and in male and female genitalia are presented, and some notes on the biology and the distribution are given. C. kasyi Toll, 1961 is synonymised with C. dignella Toll, 1961.