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Metzneria neli Huemer, sp. n., a new species hitherto mixed with M. tristella Rebel, 1901 (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae)

Auteur : Huemer (Peter)

Année de publication : 2021
Publication : Shilap, Revista de la Sociedad hispano-luso-americana de Lepidopterología
Volume : 49
Fascicule : 196
Pagination : 647-655

Résumé :

Metzneria neli Huemer, sp. n., a new species of the family Gelechiidae, is described from France and Spain and adults of both sexes and genitalia are figured. The new species differs both morphologically and in the DNA barcode from all other known representatives of the genus. It was formerly mixed with Metzneria tristella Rebel, 1901, and therefore this species is re-described here in detail.