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Revision of the genus Hoplodrina Boursin, 1937 (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae, Xyleninae). I. Hoplodrina octogenaria (Goeze, 1781) and its sister species H. alsinides (Costantini, 1922) sp. rev. in Europe

Auteurs : Huemer (Peter), Haxaire (Jean), Min Lee (Kyung), Mutanen (Marko), Pekarsky (O.), Scalercio (Stefano) et Ronkay (Laszlo)

Année de publication : 2020
Publication : ZooKeys
Fascicule : 920
Pagination : 75-97

Résumé :

The taxonomic status of the European Hoplodrina octogenaria (Goeze, 1781) is discussed and its partly sympatric sister species, Hoplodrina alsinides (Costantini, 1922) sp. rev., is separated and re-described based on morphological and molecular taxonomic evidence. The adults and their genitalia are illustrated and DNA barcodes, as well as genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism data collected by fractional genome sequencing (ddRAD), of the two species are provided.