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Hyphantria cunea DRURY, 1773, und Noctua tirrenica BIEBINGER, SPEIDEL & HANIGK, 1983, im Südtessin, neu für die Schweiz (Lep.: Arctiidae, Noctuidae)

Auteur : Rezbanyai-Reser (Ladislaus)

Année de publication : 1991
Publication : Entomologische Berichte
Volume : 26
Pagination : 135-152

Résumé :

Summary: Hyphantria cunea DRURY, 1773 and Noctua tirrenica BIEBINGER SPEIDEL & HANIGK, 1983 in S.Ticino, new for Switzerland (Lep.: Arctiidae, Noctuidae).The author presents the first records of both species from Switzerland and summarizes the most interesting aspects of the species.The North American pest of deciduous trees Hyphantria cunea has several times been accidentally introduced to Europe and within the last 10 years has rapidly spread across northem Italy, from where it threatens to invade southem Switzerland. So far, a single male specimen has been found. It could have been accidentally brought to Switzerland as a Caterpillar in the car of a weekend tourist from northern Italy, as the moth was found in dense woodland on the slopes of Monte Generoso, a very populär recreational area. The est has not yet been reported from the market gardens of the Mendrisiotto. After many years of searching, three specimens ( 1♂ and 2♀♀) of the mediterranean noctuid Noctua tirrenica have now been found in southem Switzerland. The species had previously been known from as far north as Lake Garda. The most obvious differences in the extemal genitalia between fimbriata and tirrenica are figured and two additional records of tirrenica from westem central Italy (Toscana and Lazio) are given. Flight diagrams of a total of 1800 genitalia-checked specimens of fimbriata from several localities in Switzerland (1984-91) provide more information on the species and clearly show that in Switzerland tirrenica is either an occasional migrant or is, in southemmost Ticino only, a veiy rare resident. The opportunity is taken to record the occurrence in Switzerland of the recently recognised species Noctua janthe BKH (publication in preparation).    -   Carte de répartition du pourtour méditerranéen de Noctua tirrenica et N. fimbriata (y compris France).