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Die Oecophoridae s.l. (Lepidoptera) Mitteleuropas

Auteurs : Tokár (Zdenko), Lvovsky (A. L.) et Huemer (Peter)

Année de publication : 2005
Publication :
ISBN : 80-969052-2-8

Résumé :

The Oecophoridae s.l., including the families Chimabachidae, Oecophoridae, Amphisbatidae and Depressariidae partim (Orophiini and Cacochroini), of central Europe are illustrated and data on biology, habitat and distribution are given. Altogether 109 species are treated, 86 occurring in the area of central Europe (Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and parts of The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia-Montenegro, Rumania, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania) and further 23 species in the adjacent countries. The atlas contains figures of almost all species in colour and black-and-white drawings of male and female genitalia.