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Cimelioidea: A New Superfamily Name for the Gold Moths (Lepidoptera: Glossata)

Auteur : Shen-Horn (Yen)

Année de publication : 2007
Publication : Zoological Studies
Volume : 46
Fascicule : 3
Pagination : 262-271

Résumé :

The family name Axiidae has been used both for decapod crustaceans and the Lepidoptera. Having identified the correct authorships and publication dates of the crustacean Axiidae and lepidopteran Axiidae, it has become clear that the latter name should be treated as a junior homonym of the former. The name Anomalidae was occasionally used for this lepidopteran group but is not nomenclaturally available in the Lepidoptera (while Anomalini/-nae is a valid name in the Coleoptera) Cimeliidae Chrétien, 1916 is therefore the only family name that can be considered as valid for the taxa currently included in the lepidopteran Axiidae. A new superfamily name, Cimelioidea, is hereby formally proposed to replace Axioidea. This superfamily is tentatively assigned to“Geometromorpha”, but its phylogenetic relationships with the Calliduloidea,“butterflies”(= Hedyloidea + Rhopalocera), Drepanoidea, and Geometroidea (= Uranioidea) cannot be determined without a comprehensive phylogenetic backbone. A synonymic checklist of the Cimeliidae is also provided. http://zoolstud.sinica.edu.tw/Journals/46.3/262.pdf