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Three new species of Depressariinae (Lepidoptera) from Europe and Western Asia and establishment of three new synonyms

Auteur : Buchner (Peter)

Année de publication : 2020
Publication : Miscellaneous Papers
Volume : 217
Pagination : 1-31

Résumé :

Abstract: Agonopterix lidiae sp.n., Depressaria gaalhaszlerae sp.n.and Depressaria urtsadzorensis sp.n. are described. Agonopterix cluniana Huemer & Lvovsky, 2000 syn.nov. becomes a synonym of Agonopterix subtakamukui Lvovsky, 1998, Agonopterix flurii Sonderegger, 2013 syn.nov. becomes a synonym of Agonopterixivinskisi Lvovsky, 1992, Agonopterix tripunctaria Buchner, 2015 syn.nov.becomes a synonym of Agonopterix ligusticella (Chrétien, 1908). Agonopterix lidiae sp.n. has been collected from 5 different places, all in Province Udine, Italy. Externally it is extremely similar to A. abditella Hannemann, 1959, but genitalia are clearly different and p-distance of barcode is more than 8 %, indicating that they are not closely related. Depressaria gaalhaszlerae sp.n. A series of nine small Depressaria specimens was collected in Derbend, Iran. One worn female had been dissected by H.J. Hannemann and determined as Depressariodes spec. (Depressariodes Turati, 1924, now valid as Exaeretia Stainton, 1849), one male he had also dissected and determined as D. daucivorella Ragonot, 1889, like the rest of this series, due to external similarity. Later it was realised that the whole series except the dissected male belong to a new species which is described here. It is closely related to D. kondarella Lvovsky, 1981, male genitalia and external appearance are very similar, while female genitalia are remarkably different. It is found in Turkey and Iran. Depressaria urtsadzorensis sp.n. One female was collected in year 2019 in Armenia. Closest species based on genitalia comparison is Depressaria gaalhaszlerae, this is confirmed by DNA-barcode. It is the third species of D. kondarella-group known so far.