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Remarkable discovery of the Atlanto-Mediterranean moth Scythris ventosella Chrétien, 1907 at high altitude in the Alps of Valais, Switzerland – a possible relict of the late-glacialsteppe-belt fauna? (Lepidoptera, Scythrididae)

Auteur : Schmid (Jürg)

Année de publication : 2018
Publication : Alpine Entomology
Volume : 2
Fascicule : 1
Pagination : 45-49

Résumé :

The unexpected discovery of Scythris ventosella Chrétien, 1907 in the Alps of Valais, Switzerland is reported. Early stages, life cycle and habitat characteristics are described. The unusual present- day distribution of this species is discussed and it is suggested that the population in the Valais Alps may represent a relict from the late-glacial steppe-belt fauna.