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Agonopterix olusatri, a new species of Depressariidae (Lepidoptera) from the West Palaearctic region

Auteurs : Buchner (Peter) et Corley (Martin )

Année de publication : 2019
Publication : Miscellaneous Papers
Volume : 196
Pagination : 1-13

Résumé :

Agonopterix olusatri sp. n. is described. The new species is both similar to and closely related to A. thapsiella (Zeller, 1847) and A. chironiella (Constant, 1893). Specimens have been found in several museum collections under the name A. chironiella. Differences in DNA-barcode led to closer examination of genitalia, and finally clear differences in both sexes were found. It occurs in Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Israel and Morocco and its larva has been found feeding on Ferula communis L., F. tingitana L., Foeniculum vulgare Miller and Smyrnium olusatrum L. (Apiaceae). The moth and the genitalia of the new species and some of its relatives are illustrated.