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Revision of types of several species of Bembecia Hübner, 1819 from northern Africa and southwestern Europe (Sesiidae)

Auteur : Bartsch (Daniel)

Année de publication : 2012
Publication : Nota Lepidopterologica
Volume : 35
Fascicule : 2
Pagination : 125-133

Résumé :

The type specimens of Sesia sirphiformis Lucas, 1849 from Lac Tonga in Algeria and Dipsosphecia megillaeformis v. tunetana Le Cerf, 1920 syn. n. from the vicinity of Tunis were examined and found to be conspecific. Bembecia sirphiformis belongs to the B. ichneumoniformis (Denis & Schiffermuller, 1775) species group and is currently known only from northern Africa. Records from Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, southern Italy, and Morocco (as B. tunetana) are here considered doubtful and may belong to other species. B. astragali (Joannis, 1909) stat. rev., which was described from northern Spain and southern France and was previously considered conspecific with B. sirphiformis, actually appears not to be so closely related to B. sirphiformis and seems to belong to the B. megillaeformis (Hubner, 1813) species group. B. igueri Bettag & Blasius, 1998 syn. n. from Morocco is now considered to be a synonym of B. astragali