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Découverte de Boudinotiana touranginii (Berce, 1870) en Loire-Atlantique dans une station dépourvue de Saule pourpre (Lepidoptera Geometridae Archiearinae)

Auteur : Bator (David)

Année de publication : 2012
Publication : Alexanor
Volume : 25
Fascicule : 4, 2011
Pagination : 203-206

Résumé :

Discovery of Boudinotiana touranginii (Berce, 1870) in the departement of the Loire-Atlantique at a site without Purple Willow (Lepidoptera Geometridae Archiearinae). The geometrid moth Boudinotiana touranginii has been observed for the first time in the departement of the Loire-Atlantique (44). The context of this discovery is unusual because the moth is present in a totally different habitat from that observed in the adjacent departements in the Centre region. The confirmed absence of Salix purpurea at the sites where the moth was seen in 1980, as well as 2011 and 2012, opens a new perspective on possible habitats for this species