Détail de la référence

Observations sur quelques Lépidoptères Tortricidae peu observés ou nouveaux pour la faune de France

Auteurs : Chambon (Jean-Pierre), Genestier (Gilles) et Roques (Alain)

Année de publication : 1992
Publication : Nouvelle Revue d'Entomologie
Volume : (N. S.), 9 (2)
Pagination : 107-116

Résumé :

Five Tortricidae species new to France have been just discovered using larval rearings and pheromon trappings. Adult morphology (habitus and genitalia), geographical range, and known biological habits are provided. Possible synonym between two species in genus Thiodia is also discussed and cleared. Complementary data are given about distribution of three others Tortricidae species, that have been just recorded from France New records are given for Retina perangustana, Epinotia dalmatana, Cydia illutana, Pammene querceti and Epiblema confusana