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Lepidoptera (Insecta : Lepidoptera) from Romania preserved in the "Ion Firu" Entomological Collection from the patrimony of the Oltenia Museum Craiova

Auteur : Chimisliu (Cornelia)

Année de publication : 2006
Publication : Entomologica romanica
Volume : 11
Pagination : 55-68

Résumé :

- The "Ion Firu" entomological collection comprises 6.781 specimens. It was purchased by the museum in the years: 1982 (6.000 specimens) and 1990 (781 specimens). It conserves species belonging to 16 orders of insects. Order Lepidoptera is represented by 1.357 specimens, which completes the number of the species of Lepidoptera in the entomological patrimony of the museum of Oltenia, Craiova, formed as a result of the researching activity of specialists, acqusitions ("Mihai Peru" collection - CHIMISLIU, 1989) and donations ("I. STANOIU" collection - CHIMISLIU & GOGA, 2005). The analysed material in the present paper (1.172 individuals) was collected in the period of the years (1951-1982) from 43 sites of collecting in 12 counties of the country 2 sites situated abroad: Cote D'Azur (France) and Prague (Czech Republic). 243 species were identified belonging to 182 genera included in 57 subfamilies, 15 families and 7 superfamilies. Family Noctuidae is the best represented (60 genera, 91 species), followed by the families: Geometridae (37genera, 41 species). Nymphalidae (18 genera, 25 species),Arctiidae (1l genera, 15 species), Sphingidae (9 genera, 11 species). The collection keeps both common species and species with different endangered degrees from the following recomendated categorioes by IUCN: CR, EN, VU; NT (RAKOSY, 2003), as well as species included in the Red List of the Lepidoptera in Europe and in the Law no 345/2006 (Anexes: 3, and 4A)