Détail de la référence

Electrophoretic detection of interspecific hybrids of Parnassius (Lepidoptera Papilionidae)

Auteurs : Descimon (Henri) et Geiger (Hansjürg)

Année de publication : 1988
Publication : Genetics Selection Evolution
Volume : 20
Fascicule : 4
Pagination : 435-440

Résumé :

Electrophoretic techniques confirm that the papilinoid butterflies Parnassius apollo and P. phoebus, two sympatric taxa usually considered as distinct species, display hybridization phenomena in limited areas of their range. Morphological criteria provided only presumptions and poor genetical indications. Moreover, it is possible to demonstrate that some gene flow is possible between the two species. The implications for the "semispecies" concept and interspecific gene exchange are discussed