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Studies on the flight behaviour of the European Vine Moth, Lobesia botrana Den. et Schiff. (Lep., Tortricidae)

Auteurs : Gabel (Bruno) et Stockel (Jacques Pierre)

Année de publication : 1988
Publication : Journal of Applied Entomology (= Zeitschrift für Angewandte Entomologie)
Volume : 105
Fascicule : 2
Pagination : 205-211

Résumé :

Several new traps were tested under field conditions to determine the flight activity of L. botrana moths as they entered traps. Living virgin females and 25% solution of fermented apple juice were both used as attractants. All traps were checked three times a week during the first two flights and daily during the third flight when large numbers of moths were captured. The numbers of males moths caught in the food trap were influenced by the number of females caught which, in spite of their immobilization on the sticky area, were still able to release their pheromone. When the traps were checked at regular intervals, no relationship could be found between the efficiency of the traps and the size of their trapping areas. Observation made at dusk showed difference between the flight behavior of males and females as they entered the trap, a factor that should be considered when designing any new trapping system for monitoring population of L. botrana