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Note sur un organe qui se trouve entre la tête et la première paire de pattes écailleuse des chenilles de Melitaea

Auteur : Goossens (Théodore)

Année de publication : 1869
Publication : Annales de la Société entomologique de France
Volume : (4), 9
Pagination : 60-71

Résumé :

GOOSSENS (Ann. Soc. Entom. France, Seances, 1869, pp. 60, 61) has observed an organ between the head and first pair of legs in various larvae, which he suggests may secrete a fluid which moistens the blood. Goossens and Berce subsequently state (l. c. pp. 64-66) that the existence of this organ has already been recorded by Bonnet and Lacordaire, the former having devoted two whole memoirs to the subject ; Reaumur, to whom these observations were communicated, considered it to be an organ of prehension. .GOOSSENS (Ann. Soc. Entom. France, Seances, 1869, pp. 61, 62) states that he has observed that the horn of young larvae of Smerinthus quercus secretes a viscous fluid, which he believes to be useful to protect them from falls before their legs acquire sufficient strength, when the discharge becomes superfluous and ceases