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Evidence for two genetically and chemically defined host races of Tyria jacobaeae (Arctiidae, Lepidoptera)

Auteurs : Wink (Michael) et Legal (Luc)

Année de publication : 2001
Publication : Chemoecology
Volume : 11
Fascicule : 4
Pagination : 199-207

Résumé :

A widely distributed host race of Tyria jacobaeae lives on Senecio jacobaea and related species and accumulates pyrrolizidine alkaloids ("PA race"), another race, which is restricted to the Alps and found on Petasites paradoxus, sequesters sesquiterpenes, such as petasol and isopetasol. Nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial 16S rDNA gene show 1% sequence divergence, indicating that genetical differences exist between the PA exploiting and the terpene-sequestering host races of T. jacobaeae. This finding suggests that both host races of T. jacobaeae must have been separated for some time already, possibly since the Pleistocene