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Changes in the Suprageneric Classification of Lasiocampidae (Lepidoptera) Based on the Nucleotide Sequence of Gene EF-1α [publication originale en russe in Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 2012, 91 (6): 321–336]

Auteurs : Zolotuhin (Vadim V.), Efimov (R. V.), Anikin (V. V.), Demin (A. G.) et Knushevitskaya (M. V.)

Année de publication : 2012
Publication : Entomological Review
Volume : 92
Pagination : 531-547

Résumé :

The nucleotide sequences of nuclear gene EF-1α were determined for 49 species of Lasiocampidae from Eurasia and Africa. Based on these data, the phylogeny of the family was reconstructed using the minimum evolution, maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian inference methods. The molecular genetic research confirms the monophyly of Malacosominae which is treated as a separate subfamily. The genus Euthrix appears to be paraphyletic. The group of genera similar to Arguda, previously united with Odonestis in the tribe Odonestini, proved to be a separate lineage; contrary to the earlier assumption, the genera do not seem to be related. On the other hand, the genera Argonestis and Odonestis were found to be closely related and therefore were placed in the same tribe. The position of the genus Macrothylacia remains obscure. The genus Stoermeriana de Fr. et Witt is also para- or polyphyletic and consists of several independent lineages whose status remains to be determined. The new classification supports synonymization of Pinarinae with Lasiocampinae. The rank of subfamily is not supported for the Neotropical Macromphaliinae, which is downgraded to a tribe, Macromphaliini stat. n., within Poecilocampinae. The genus Hypopacha, previously considered within Macromphaliinae, is transferred to Poecilocampini; the close relation between Poecilocampini and Macromphaliini is additionally supported by the presence of a member of Poecilocampini in the New World. A new tribe, Argudini Zolotuhin trib. n., is established.