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Taxonomical status and species composition of the little known genus Agnoea Walsingham, 1907 (Lepidoptera: Gelechioidea: Lypusidae)

Auteurs : Sinev (Sergey) et Lvovsky (A. L.)

Année de publication : 2014
Publication : Zoosystema Rossica
Volume : 23
Fascicule : 1
Pagination : 137-144

Résumé :

The previously monotypic genus Agnoea Walsingham, 1907 is shortly reviewed. The following synonymy is established: Agnoea Walsingham, 1907 = Pseudatemelia Rebel, 1910, syn. nov. =Tubulifera Spuler, 1910, syn. nov. = Tubuliferola Strand, 1917, syn. nov. = Tubuliferodes Toll, 1956, syn. nov. (as a subgenus); Agnoea aeneella (Rebel, 1910) = Borkhausenia chalcocrates Meyrick, 1930, syn. nov. The genus Agnoea is restricted to the Palearctic region and includes the following nineteen species: Agnoea aeneella (Rebel, 1910), comb. nov.; A. amparoella (Vives, 1986), comb. nov.; A. colurnella (Mann, 1867), comb. nov.; A. detrimentella (Staudinger, 1859), comb. nov.; A. elsae (Svensson, 1982), comb. nov.; A. filiella (Staudinger, 1859),comb. nov.; A. flavifrontella ([Denis et Schiffermüller], 1775), comb. nov.; A. fuscifrontella (Constant, 1885), comb. nov.; A. josephinae (Toll, 1956), comb. nov.; A. kurentzovi (Lvovsky, 2001), comb. nov.; A. langohri (E. Palm, 1990), comb. nov.; A. latipennella (Jäckh, 1959), comb. nov.; A. lavandulae (Mann, 1855), comb. nov.; A. pallidella (Jäckh, 1972), comb. nov.; A. semifuscata (Walsingham, 1911), comb. nov.; A. subgilvida (Walsingham, 1901), comb. nov.; A. subochreella (Doubleday, 1859), comb. nov.; A. synchrozella (Jäckh, 1959), comb. nov.; A. xanthosoma (Rebel, 1900), comb. nov. Lectotype is designated for Borkhausenia chalcocrates Meyrick, 1930. The annotated list of species of Agnoea (including information on type material and distribution, as well as nomenclatural comments) is given.