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Blastobasis sardinica sp. nov. – a new species from the Mediterranean region (Lepidoptera, Blastobasidae)

Auteur : Sumpich (Jan)

Année de publication : 2012
Publication : Entomologische Zeitschrift
Volume : 122
Fascicule : 5
Pagination : 229-232

Résumé :

Blastobasis sardinica sp. nov. is described from specimens captured in Sardinia, Corsica, Spain and France. Adults and genitalia of both sexes are figured. The habitus of the new species may resemble certain forms of the species Blastobasis vittata (Wollaston, 1858) and Blastobasis marocanella (Amsel, 1952) from which it can be very easily distinguished by features of genitalia in both sexes. The types of all taxons described in Blastobasis Zeller, 1855 from Sardinia and Corsica are figured for the first time, namely Blastobasis roscidella magna Amsel, 1952 (Sardinia), and Blastobasis evanescens Walsingham, 1901 (Corsica).