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Coenonympha gardetta lecerfi (De Lesse, 1949), une ssp. isolée du complexe gardetta des monts du Forez (Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne, F. (Lepidoptera : Nymphalidae, Satyrinae)

Auteur : Jutzeler (David)

Année de publication : 1998
Publication : Linneana Belgica
Volume : 16
Fascicule : 5
Pagination : 192-195

Résumé :

The early stages of Coenonympha gardetta lecerfi (DE LESSE, 1949) from the Monts du Forez, Massif Central, France, are described and illustrated. The single occurrence, while breeding this taxon, of the white form of the pupa with black markings appears to support the suggestion of WIEMERS (1994) that the taxon darwiniana is very closely related to gardetta, while arcania is clearly more distant from the gardetta complex. The habitat is described and a list of species, seen during the trip to study lecerfi, is also presented. 1 pl., 2 ph.