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Évaluation du degré de spéciation atteint par Plebejus argus corsicus (Bellier, 1862) basée sur l'étude des stades pré-imaginaux (Lepidoptera : Lycaenidae)

Auteurs : Jutzeler (David) et Leestmans (Ronny)

Année de publication : 1999
Publication : Linneana Belgica
Volume : 17
Fascicule : 3
Pagination : 87-100

Résumé :

The rearing of Plebejus argus corsicus "ab ovo" constitutes the base of this paper. The femalefemale used for the oviposition were caught in 1997 near Haut-Asco, Corsica. The main aim was to evaluate its relationship with the continental P. argus populations and to establish the taxonomic status of the Corsican population with the criteria of the early stages. The opportunity to study the myrmecophilous behaviour of the corsicus caterpillars towards Lasius niger was taken as these ants left the first author's garden and got into the jar containing the corsicus larvae. Useful data on the rearing of the same taxon realised in 1980-81 by K.G. SCHURIAN are also added. Details on its distribution from the literature and from collections are compiled and depicted on a map by the 2nd author and commented upon, as well as data on corsicus' vertical distribution and its flying period being compared to the continental P. argus