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A revision of the Eudarcia glaseri-species group (Lepidoptera, Meessiidae) with description of two new species from Greece and Crimea

Auteurs : Bidzilya (Oleksiy V.), Budashkin (Yuri I.) et Gaedike (Reinhard)

Année de publication : 2016
Publication : Zootaxa
Volume : 4179
Fascicule : 3
Pagination : 547-560

Résumé :

The Eudarcia glaseri-species group is revised. Four species are recognized, two of which are described as new: E. ignorata, sp. n. (Greece) and E. saxatilis, sp. n. (Crimea). E. abchasicum (Zagulajev, 1979) status rev., bona sp. is recalled from synonymy of E. glaseri. Re-descriptions and an identification key for all four species are given. The hitherto unknown females of E. glaseri (Petersen, 1967) and E. armatum (Gaedike, 1985) are described.