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Revision der Gattung Rebelia HEYLAERTS 1900 (Lepidoptera, Psychidae)

Auteur : Hauser (E.)

Année de publication : 2012
Publication : Linzer biologische Beiträge
Volume : 44
Fascicule : 1
Pagination : 181-306

Résumé :

The genus Rebelia HEYLAERTS 1900 (Psychidae: Epichnopteriginae) has been revised using characteristics as follows, according to an integrative species concept: morphology of males, cytochemistry (mtDNA: COI-5P), time of mating (concerning time of day or season), and habitat. Genus Rebelia can be divided into three series: morning-fliers, pale evening-fliers, dark evening-fliers. This is a practical arrangement using time of mating and habitus of male. However, mtDNA indicates polyphyletical origin in each of these series. Exceeding high genetic distances appear inthe group of Rebelia perlucidella (BRUAND 1853), in which only scarcely morphological and biological differences are existing between taxa. Also the areas of these taxa seem not to overlap, so they are interpreted as subspecies of R. perlucidella. On the other hand the total agreement of Rebelia ferruginans REBEL 1937 and R. sapho(MILLIÈRE 1867) in COI-5P is puzzling, because this species differ as well as inmating-daytime and morphology. MtDNA-samples of both species originated fromTessin (Swizerland). Certain Records of Rebelia are known from western Europe tocentral Asia. It is not clear, whether Rebelia catandella SOLYANIKOV 1998 and Rebelia nigricostella KOZHANTSHIKOV 1960 belong to this genus. Three new subspecies ofRebelia are described in this revision: R. perlucidella paralucidella nov.ssp., R. thomanni lavandulae nov.spp., R. plumella diabolina nov.ssp. In addition the literature on Rebelia has been summarized and commented in the last chapter of this paper